Micaela DeVos Richtsmeier

Continuum: Micaela DeVos Richtsmeier

As a community philanthropist and stakeholder at Continuum, Micaela DeVos Richtsmeier is a passionate advocate for the organization's purpose and values. Micaela and her family's commitment to empowering individuals and promoting success is a driving force behind Continuum's work.

Micaela DeVos Richtsmeier

Passions and Impact

Through their shared passion for philanthropy, Micaela and her husband, Jordan Richtsmeier, support a range of causes that fostering positive community impact. Micaela and Jordan’s focus areas include Christian education, mental health, overall wellbeing, and programs that ensure children's basic needs are met, allowing them to enjoy childhood, thrive, and ultimately reach their full potential.

Micaela serves as a Spectrum Health Foundation committee member, helping the organization in its mission to secure, manage, and distribute funds to provide exceptional care to patients and their families.

Additionally, she actively participates in other DeVos family-owned businesses, including Amway and RDV Corporation.

Micaela previously provided applied behavioral analysis for Pine Rest Christian Health Services, a West Michigan psychiatric hospital and behavioral health provider.

She holds a Bachelor's degree in Psychology from Grand Valley State University. Micaela and Jordan currently reside in Grand Rapids, Michigan.