Our Story

Continuum was founded by and operates as an investment company for Doug and Maria DeVos and their family.

Their family includes Doug & Maria, Dalton & Kelly DeVos, Jordan & Micaela Richtsmeier, Monreau DeVos, and Olivia DeVos.

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Our Passion

We passionately believe that when given an opportunity, empowered people can and will succeed. We seek to be that catalyst.

Our Focus

Continuum fulfills its purpose through investment in business, community, and civic engagement that seek to make a positive and long-lasting impact.

  • Business: Focused on business ownership and investments that drive mutual benefit and value to our customers, employees, communities and shareholders.
  • Community: Committed to helping people realize their potential and building vibrant communities for a better tomorrow.
  • Civic Engagement: Engaged champion and advocate for good public policy that breaks down barriers that inhibit success and advancement of people.