Monreau DeVos Stewart

Continuum: Monreau DeVos Stewart

Monreau DeVos Stewart is a stakeholder in West Michigan-based investment firm, Continuum. In addition, she serves as a third-generation leader of other DeVos family-owned businesses, including Wakestream Holdings.

Monreau De Vos Stewart

Passions and Impact

As a marketing professional, Monreau works in support of Amway’s North American market. Additionally, she helps guide the company's interactions with its founding families and ownership group as a member of the Amway Family Council. Before joining Amway, she held various roles in brand strategy, social media management, and project management at firms based in West Michigan.

Monreau and her husband, Peter Stewart, are committed to philanthropic efforts in their communities and support causes related to education, entrepreneurship, and health and wellbeing.

Monreau graduated from Wake Forest University, where she earned a bachelor's degree in communications and media studies with a minor in entrepreneurship. She was a member of the school’s Division I soccer team.

Monreau and Peter live in Grand Rapids, Michigan.