What is Continuum?

Continuum is an investment company that manages business investments and supports the philanthropic, public policy, and civic engagement work for Doug & Maria DeVos and their family.

What does Continuum do?

Continuum provides direct business investment, strategic counsel, executional support, and management services to the Doug & Maria DeVos family.

What specific businesses do you want to pursue?

Across a variety of industries and interests, we are passionate about businesses that are experiential and deliver positive and lasting impact to our employees, customers, communities, and shareholders.

Do you have a management team?

  • Mike Cazer serves as Chief Executive Officer.
  • Shawn Platt serves as Doug DeVos' Chief of Staff & Continuum's Chief Communication Officer.
  • Mike Deming serves as Director of Investments.
  • Erica Boon serves as Office & Project Coordinator

Learn more about the Continuum team.

Will you invest in my company or idea?

Business and investment opportunities should be directed to Continuum's management team. Please contact us here.

Will you support my non-profit organization?

Philanthropic inquiries should be directed to the Doug & Maria DeVos Foundation. You can contact the Foundation here.